Business Consultancy

With fresh eyes and an outside perspective, a business consultant will help you uncover new opportunities, identify undetected issues, and collaborate effectively to develop the strategies and practical approach required for change.

From that point on, regular project check-ins allow us to review progress, offer guidance, and make on-going tweaks as required, as well as (our favourite) keep you accountable and on track.

Some Key Areas that  I Can Help With

Sometimes you have a clear vision for your business consultant, but no clear path to making it a reality. I will start by working with you to identify problem areas or roadblocks, and then I’ll help develop and implement solutions for your specific challenges.

If you’re a startup or an existing business looking for new direction, we’ll help you develop a 2+ year business plan, set a series of measurable quarterly goals, and create a 90-day action plan to give you immediate lift-off and momentum.

Naturally we’ll stick around to help you work through the plan, and to hold you accountable!

We understand that your business, your goals, and your style of leadership are unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand problem areas specific to your business, provide guidance where it’s needed the most, and collaborate on solutions.

Our priority is ensuring that you have complete ownership and a thorough understanding of every bit of strategy, planning, and problem solving we work through. We want you to always be moving forward confidently and with a clear direction; we settle for nothing less than helping you realise your full potential.

Business Mentor

When the buck stops with you things can get stressful and, frankly, pretty lonely. Amongst other things, a trusted business mentor can:

Act as a sounding board for your best (and worst) ideas.

Help you maintain an objective perspective of your business while working through problems.

Challenge your thinking and ask the right questions, so you can identify when and where you’ve slipped into a rut.

Help you to articulate your long-term business goals.

Collaborate with you to develop a strategy and plans to reach your goals.

Hold you accountable for moving forward in the direction of those goals

Board Director

Steve Nichols is a member of the Institute of Directors and has been a board director in several companies. Steve is currently sitting on the board of two companies: one as non-executive director and chair and the other as a non-executive director.

With a career-long focus on exceeding shareholder expectations, Steve can provide direction in areas of your business that aren’t getting enough attention and identify ways to maximize opportunities.


I help businesses and the people who start them reach their full potential.

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